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Press ReleasesGrey Ghost Games's "Another Fine Mess," a Fudge RPG adventure with animals as player characters, is now available in .pdf format!
"Another Fine Mess," by Ann Dupuis, is a Fudge roleplaying game adventure with "All the Rules You Need to Know." It's an adventure with a twist: all of the player characters are animals! They embark on a quest to free their Master from an evil Sorcerer and his Abominations.

This much-loved adventure is available in .pdf format for the first time, as part of a "Bundle Of Holding" offering. The "Indie Treasure Trove 2" bundle is a short-term offering of several roleplaying game e-books, all from women game designers! 10% of proceeds go to charitable organizations (Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders).

"Another Fine Mess" will be released more widely as a .pdf later in October. If you can't wait or if you're into Indie RPGS and like the other games in the bundle -- get it here:

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